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What Is Yoga Therapy?

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Yoga Therapy teaches people how to pursue a healthier version of themselves and increases self-awareness by using time tested tools, techniques and principles that the ancient practice of yoga has to offer. These tools include personalized poses or sequences for better joint mobility and movement as well as breathing techniques to improve inefficient respiratory habits. Relaxation tools are taught to nourish and enhance the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress.  Additional modalities may also be used depending on what is needed by the individual.

A Yoga Therapist works with you on a specific goal like joint movement and rehabilitation- or a broader goal - like improving movement sequences for efficiency. The practice of yoga therapy addresses the physical, emotional, mental as well as the spiritual body or a combination thereof to promote lifelong well-being.

Start feeling better with Yoga Therapy: Personalized, caring support through individualized yoga practices for:

                  - Arthritis                                                               - Negative effects of cancer treatments

                  - Chronic Back Pain/Chronic Pain                     - Stress and Anxiety

                  - High Blood Pressure                                         - Scoliosis

                  - Healthy Aging                                                     - and so much more            

                  - Injury Rehab

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In person Initial Session (75 minutes) - $120

In person Single follow-up Session (1 hr) - $90

Package deals available

Payment is due after the session.

For any questions, or to inquire about package deals or zoom sessions, simply send me an email

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